The Series

The V8 Masters Series came to fruition in 2010 after renowned local race car engineer Owen Ashley passed away part way through the construction of the Ford Mustang lookalike cars.

Charles Arton, Marcel Angel and Tim Reddell were customers already committed to the project and acquired the assets and established the V8 Masters Drivers Association to oversee completion of the remaining cars and create a racing series.

A permanent base with a fully-equipped workshop for all of the cars was set up at Killarney Raceway, manned by a team of technicians and mechanics under the control of experienced race driver Richard Quixley, who are employed full time to handle all preparation and maintenance.

The cars are colourful, noisy, powerful, challenging to drive and because of their identical specification, provide close racing at every meeting – it is the Blue Riband event of the Western Province regional race calendar.

The racing that takes place is a particular crowd favourite and as more high-profile drivers are attracted to the series, the V8 Masters is destined for an ever-brightening future. It is an ideal category for business sponsorship as it has wide-ranging appeal – from the successful business people who take part to the motor sport enthusiasts who line the track to cheer on their favourites and revel in some big-name drivers demonstrating highly competitive and skilful car control.

It is without doubt one of most cost-effective racing formulae currently available under the auspices of governing body Motorsport South Africa. V8 Masters is a match racing series in which all participants drive identical cars, each dyno-tuned to the same power output and all running on the same tyres. Each driver must be over 40 years of age and be a member of the V8 Masters Drivers Association. Each member pays a monthly subscription that pays the salaries of the six full-time staff members of the association as well as the fully-equipped workshop and storage facilities.