V8 Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations WPMC


  1. Ensure equal continuity of cars-first same as last
  2. Ensure that money doesn’t influence results
  3. Ensure that changes to specifications will only be for safety and financial control reasons
  4. Ensure continuity of ideas, it may be necessary to limit the number of changes to the committee.



Anything not specifically permitted is disallowed, and is to be regarded as illegal. Transgressions could therefore result in exclusion from the results as provided for in the MSA 2015 handbook regardless of whether any advantage is gained or not.


To declare a V8 Masters Silver and Gold Class Champion who will be recognized and acknowledged accordingly by WPMC.


a) The controllers will be the V8 Masters Committee.
b) The WPMC Executive committee gives these powers to the V8 Masters Committee. The Controllers reserve the right to amend these rules at their discretion.
c) Any amendments to these rules and regulations will be done with the approval of the WPMC Exco committee.
d) The MSA 2015 handbook contains all relevant rules and regulations applicable that are not inverted by these V8 Masters rules and regulations.
e) All and any notice or circulars in respect of this championship will be posted on the controller’s official notice board. The notice board is to be found in the Control Tower at Killarney Race Track. Any notice or circular in respect of technical matters will be posted no less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to any race meeting. The onus is on the Competitor to ensure that he has familiarized himself with such a notice.
f) The MSA 2015 handbook contains all relevant rules and regulations applicable that are not covered by these V8 MASTERS rules and regulations.


a) All qualifying races will be those set out by the V8 MASTERS Committee.
b) For the year 2015 this will include all V8 Masters races as per the W.P.M.C calendar (to beconfirmed by the means of a circular). There will be a minimum of 7 race meetings to count. A possibility of 2 (two) “away” races will count towards the V8 MASTERS championship.


a) The formula will be raced in two classes – GOLD and SILVER
b) Class allocation will be done at the beginning of each season by the V8 Masters committee. Itsdecision will be based on th Laptimes obtained by each competitor driver over his / her best race result in the previous 2 race meetings (including qualifying)
c) The committee may require a driver to change classes during the championship year. Should this be necessary, its decision will be made along the same lines as above but based on the latest 4 (four) race meetings.

d) A new driver will race in the GOLD class for a minimum of 2(two) race meetings, after which the committee may decide to change his/her class for that season. The driver will however be eligible for points from his/her first race meeting onwards.

e) A competitor can only move down a class when permission is obtained from the committee. f) For safety purposes the V8 Masters Committee reserves the right to prevent a competitor from taking part in any meeting if a lap time of 1 min: 30 sec cannot be posted by that competitor under normal dry conditions


a) Competition numbers are to be displayed on right and left side door area, left front top corner of the windscreen. Competition numbers will be size and script as decided on by the committee. b) The driver’s name will appear on both left and right side roof.
c) All vehicles are required to carry the V8 Masters sponsor or sponsors’ decals (as supplied) on the top portion of the front windscreen and back window, both front fenders, bumpers and / or as otherwise required by the sponsor and the controllers. No other signage or decals may be carried on these areas. Permission may be granted by the V8 Masters committee to carry signage on these areas if not taken up by a series sponsor. Contingency and day/minor sponsors’ decals will be placed on the bottom sills between the jacking points on each side of the car or otherwise stated by the V8 Masters committee. If there is conflicting advertising, permission not to display such decals must be sought from the V8 Masters Committee. The granting of such permission may result in the competitor forfeiting such sponsors’ monies payable on race day or away races. The controllers will have the right to require a competitor to bring his vehicle into compliance with the approved visual standards (to be defined by means of a circular). Competitors not complying with these requirements may be precluded from participating in any further events until the vehicle complies.


a) All entrants and their cars must be in the allotted V8 MASTERS pit area 30 min before the start of the qualifying session & may not be removed from the V8 MASTERS pit area for the duration of the meeting, without permission from the Supercar Technical Controller (TC) or the v8 masters committee.

b) Number of starters: In order for a timed trial or race to qualify for championship status, a minimum of 8 (eight) vehicles must take to the track for the timed trial or be on the grid for the start of the race or time trail.

c) All vehicles leaving the track after the start of timed trials or a race MUST enter the pit area via the accompany him and his vehicle to the weighbridge area, before proceeding back to the official v8 masters weighbridge. Should this not be possible, the driver must request the assistance of an official to pit area.

d) The start will be a rolling start, with single grid positions.

e) The starting positions for the first race on any race day will be the result of timed trials, with the driver posting the fastest time being placed in pole position and the rest of the field grid behind him, from the second fastest time to the slowest. In the case of timed trials being cancelled or not taking place for any reason, the grid positions for the first race of that day will be according to the latest V8 MASTERS Club Championship point standings. (Regardless of the class of the competitor).

f) The 2nd (second) heat starting positions will be according to a partial reverse grid procedure. All drivers in heat 1 whose fastest lap time falls within 102% or less of the fastest lap time set in heat 1 will become part of the reverse grid. The order of the reversed grid will be determined as follows: The driver with the slowest lap time in the 102% category starts 1st (first) on the grid, the 2nd (second) slowest lap time in 2nd (second) position and so on back until the last person in the 102% category.  The winner of heat 1 has to start at the back of the 102% category. The remaining drivers take their grid positions behind the 102% category in the finishing order of heat 1.

The controllers, in the interest of safety and competitive racing, may revise this. Should changes to the grid become necessary, these will be made in conjunction with the Clerk of the Course.


6. POINTS / SCORING Points will be scored as follows:

a) The Maximum number of points scored for any one race will be equal to the number of starters in that particular race.

b) A Starter is classified only after completing at least one timed lap of the circuit

c) The winner of the race (First after crossing the finishing line after completing the required number of laps) will receive maximum number of points (equal to the number of starters)

d) Each successive placing will receive a point less than the placing ahead (irrespective of class)nd rd Example – 15 starters – winner receives 15 Points, 2 = 14 points , 3= 13 points etc All starters will receive at least one point, provided paragraph 6.2 has been complied with.

e) The competitor with the greatest number of points on the day will be declared the winner of the day. In the event of someone being excluded all the Competitors behind him will move up 1 position. If there is a tie, the competitor who qualifies better will win.

f)The V8 MASTERS Club Champion of the season, in each class, will be the competitor with the greatest number of points scored for the season.

g) If there is a tie, then this will be resolved by the competitor with the highest number of placing points. E.g. Competitors with the most firsts, if this does not resolve the tie, then the highest number of seconds and so on.

h) The 2 worst race scores will be dropped when the full season has been raced, excepting if you were excluded. Excluded results may NOT be dropped (GCR 234i refers.) Should a race be cancelled, it will NOT count as a result which may be dropped.

i) In order to be classified as a finisher, a car must complete no less than 66.6% of the race distance under its own power.

j)The official scored results of every race meeting will be placed on the official notice board on the Monday, 1 (one) week after the race meeting, and will become final 14 (fourteen) days there after GCR141 x a and b and GCR 279 refers.



a) Driver conduct will be as per MSA 2015 handbook.

b) Drivers will be informed at the drivers’ briefing whether or not a “white line rule”, as per SSR50 i):i), is in effect for that day’s race meeting. If so, it will not apply to the first and the last lap of any race and might only apply to one corner.

c) Attendance at drivers briefing is compulsory for all drivers. Drivers not attending will be fined R200, (two hundred rand). A driver may, without penalty, nominate a representative to attend the drivers briefing on his behalf.

d) A driver making contact with another vehicle backwards from the centre side pillar will be responsible for any incident thus arising. This incident will not be made a racing incident.



a) Only vehicles built solely from the components specified and authorized by V8 MASTERS Committee will be eligible. The controllers reserved the right to issue a bulletin of the use of an alternative part or component.

b) No modification or alteration to or removal of any component in any part or whole, is allowed from the vehicle supplied unless permitted elsewhere in this regulations.

c) All vehicles will be subject to maximum power, maximum torque and minimum weight restrictions, as prescribed and monitored.

d) For any performance changes required, there will have to be a 75% yes vote by V8 MASTERS drivers that have participated in the last three events. Safety items will also be with immediate effect.

e) All cars must be maintained and stored by the appointed persons (V8 MASTERS ASSOCIATION)


a) Technical rulings are final. Should any changes to technical specifications become necessary, these will be on an official V8 Masters bulletin and be signed off by the controllers.

b) The controllers will conduct random checks to ensure that cars comply with the technical specifications as set out in these rules.


a) Any driver has to have attained the age of 40. ie. Turning 41 in the racing year.


N.B. Any transgressions in respect of these technical specifications may result in exclusion. GCR 176 will be applied.

i) Will be not less than1220 kilograms, including the driver in race apparel, as weighed in the holding area (on the scale of the day) after completion of all timed trials and races.

ii) Failure to weigh will attract the same penalty as underweight.  No eating or drinking is allowed until weighing has been completed.

iii) If ballast is required, it must be bolted to the chassis in front of the driver’s seat in the bolting position provided. The penalty for underweight is exclusion.

iv) If a piece of car or body has been lost during the race or time trail the part may be recovered and included in the weight. This will be decided by the V8 MASTERS Technical Consultant.

v) A vehicle that breaks down must enter the pits via the weight bridge and comply with the weight requirements.

vi)A vehicle that has been damaged as a result of an accident and is not mobile, because of the accident, as verified by the TC, will not be required to pass via the weight bridge.


i) Front and Rear Dry weather tyres: avon – 23.5 x 12.5 x 1.6 compound A24

ii)Rear Dry weather tyres: Front and Rear Wet weather tyres: Hoosier 23.5 x 11.5 x 16 compound R45

iii) Both Front and Rear Wet weather rims are “real wheel” brand

iv) Both front and real dry weather rims are as supplied by Club Refrigeration

v) A maximum of 2 (two) new tyres may be used every race meeting except for the first meeting of the year when 4 (four) new tyres are permitted or 4 x new wet weather tyres on the 1st wet weather race of the year

vi)  Tyres may not be changed during the course of a race meeting, i.e. the four tyres on the car at the start of the race meeting will be used for the whole day’s racing. Controls in this regard will be carried out on race day.

vii) Should a tyre or tyres be damaged or otherwise become unsafe or unfit for use during the course of a race meeting, the Technical Consultant must be informed and he alone will decide whether or not a tyre or tyres may be changed.

viii) PENALTY FOR NOT USING THE 2 USED TYRES FROM THE PREVIOUS RACE MEETING: Not withstanding the provision of (6 b) of these regulations will require completing a minimum of 8 laps during the timed trails for that day, and will start at the back of the grid for the first race of that day. – Starting at the back of the grid shall not imply an exclusion –

c) FUEL:

i) Standard unleaded 95 octane pump fuel and 102,6 racing fuel is the only fuel permitted. However an octane booster (as stipulated by the V8 MASTERS Committee) is permitted for pump fuel provided the resulting octane level does not exceed 102.6. All products are to be certified as unleaded.

ii) The controllers’ reserve the right to introduce control fuel and oils and to take whatever steps may become necessary from time to time.

iii)  In a further effort to curtail possible infringements, the controllers may give permission to carry out fuel testing/sampling and analysis. All procedures will be carried out in terms of GCR240. A minimum of 5 liters of fuel must remain in the vehicle tank at the end of any timed trial or race.


i) The maximum power output will be330 kW and600NM to be measured at the rear wheel and converted at the flywheel.

ii) This will be officially measured on a dyno specified by the V8 MASTERSr Committee, currently Mace

iii) There will be no comeback against the dyno operators/owners or the controllers in the event of damage while a vehicle is being run on the dyno.

iv) Dyno runs will be conducted according to the following procedure:

  • The dyno is to be operated by an independent operator as far as possible, but in any case the operator is to be approved by the controllers.
  • All runs will be conducted in 4th gear 1 to 1 ratio.
  • The warm-up session before any power runs will be 2 minute, timed by the V8 Masters TC with a stopwatch.
  • Set dyno to inertia reading, run up to 5500 RPM, do not record but make sure readings are working on dyno (are constant readings).
  • All power runs will be recorded up to a maximum of 6400 RPM .1st Power reading completed, stop engine, record both kW and torque readings. All power runs readings will be taken from above 4000 RPM to 6400 RPM.
  • 2nd Power reading as above but must be completed within 5 minutes of 1st run.
  • 3rd Power reading as above but must be completed within 5minutes of 2nd run. f) Add up all 3 kW readings and divide by 3.
  • Add up all 3 torque readings and divide by 3

v) Cars may be checked before, during or after a race meeting and all engine data may be recorded. If any engine exceeds the maximum power or torque, it must be detuned to the required specifications before the start of the race meeting

vi) All cars will have a rev limit set a t 6500PM. Once this has been checked the ECU will be sealed.

vii) Data cards will be checked at any time of the meeting to ensure the rev limit is not being exceeded.


i)  Only the FORD 5.5l V8 engine will be allowed as supplied by the V8 Masters committee. ii. N.B. Modifications other than those listed herein are not permitted.


As specified and supplied by the V8 Masters committee.


Tremec T5 5 speed H-Gate gearbox with 5th gear overdrive. Gear ratios are not allowed to be changed.

FORD 8.8” solid diff with a ratio of 3.88 and an LS as supplied by the committee.


i) Only the GOTECH PRO X ecu is allowed. No modification are allowed to the mapping of the software or engine map.

ii)  Throttle Bodies and Injectors will be as supplied by Dave Ingle of DICE.


As supplied by the V8 Masters committee.


FRONT: Only standard glass
OTHERS: Rear windscreen must be of Polycarbonate as supplied by the committee.

The Race Technology Dashboard and Data logger will be the only dashboard allowed. CF Cards must be used at all times to monitor engine parameters.


i) Only the bodyshell as supplied by Bright Glass will be allowed.

ii) Extra aluminum finishing off strips and rubber seals are permitted, provided that the controllers is satisfied that there is no advantage gained in performance. Crash damage may be repaired, but exterior dimensions, shapes and profiles must remain unaltered. Temporary repairs effected at the track on race day that do not conform to the aforesaid will be allowed, but for that one race meeting only.


Compulsory on the inside of the roof and the driver’s side and must comply with v8 masters specifications.


On car, where adjustable are free.


As supplied by the v8 masters association


550mm +/-5mm


Springs are not allowed to be changed and are as supplied by the V8 Masters Committee.


Free (optional)


Only the following brake pads and calipers will be permitted:

  • WILWOOD E compound rears
  • WILWOOD H compound fronts/
  • WILWOOD calipers
  • VARI calipers as supplied by F.De Matteo
  • FERODO racing pads medium compound(front and rear)Part no FRP216


As supplied and specified by the V8 Masters committee.


  • As supplied by V8 Masters committee and is to be bolted to the mounting plates provided on the chassis.
  • No alteration to the size or position of the holes in the chassis mounting plates is permitted.
  • The height of the rear wing may not be changed from the original design specification.
  • The screws used to secure the rear wing to the two vertical aluminum uprights may be replaced with bolts & nuts.


V8 Masters cars maybe checked at any time during race day, for legality by the appointed Technical Committee members or official MSA Scrutineer. Internal checks will be subject to GCR 254. If a car is required to be stripped, the driver must provide a mechanic to do the necessary tasks as directed, or else a mechanic will be appointed on his behalf. The mechanic will be paid by the competing driver.


Refer SSR 24 iii)

14. Minimum penalties for technical infringement:

Unless otherwise stated herein, GCR 176 will apply to any infringement.

a) First penalty – exclusion from that day’s race meeting only.
b) Second penalty – penalized to the full extent of the MSA handbook including GCR 176.

15. It is specifically noted that anything not permitted is disallowed, and is to be regarded as illegal. (if something is not mentioned in this regulations, regard it as illegal).
Transgressions could therefore result in exclusion from the results as provided for in the MSA 2011 handbook regardless of whether any advantages is gained or not.

Only the specified lap timer can be used.
Type: Alfano
Model: Fun


a) The V8 MASTERS committee may negotiate a change of program with the organizers/officials of the day, should it appear that the weather conditions may clear later.
b) If a wet race is declared, rear lights must be ON.


The white line rule will be run at race meetings as per discussion at drivers briefing. Except for lap 1 (one) and the last lap, the leading car in any group entering a controlled white line corner, must remain on the outside of the line.


Each driver will sign a document confirming receipt and acceptance of these rules and Regulations before competing in any V8 MASTERS race, championship or series.

Should a vote by members be required, only one vote per car will be allowed.