Single Make Race Cars

The V8 Masters cars were designed, developed and built in Cape Town by Owen Ashley and feature a spaceframe chassis and glass fibre bodywork. Designated APV347is (Ashley Performance Vehicle), all the cars are prepared and maintained at the V8 Masters Series workshop by Nian Du Toit and senior mechanics Darryl Bachmann and Pierre du Bois.

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About The Series

The V8 Masters Series came to fruition in 2010 after renowned local race car engineer Owen Ashley passed away part way through the construction of the Ford Mustang lookalike cars.

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Race With Us

The V8 Masters series is made up of two driver categories, Gold and Silver.

Gold drivers are the experienced guys who have invariably been racing for many years and in various motorsport series.

The Silver class is made up of mainly novice drivers, who have limited track experience, or in most cases, are completely new to motorsport and wish to peruse a lifelong, but perhaps previously unaffordable dream of racing.


Driver Lineup

2018 Gold Class

Fabio Tafani (Current V8 champion)
Marcel Angel
Richard Schreuder
Sean Moore
Brian Evans (Chairman)
Enzo Kuun
Paolo Caveliari
Mark Ridgeway

2018 Silver Class

Rob Warrington
Mike Brooks
Harry Tayler
Fanie Theron
Jonathon Leith
Tim Reddel

V8 Driving Experience

V8 Driving Experience

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Visit our Youtube channel for the latest videos from V8 Masters events.

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Mr. Brian Evans (Club Chairman)
Email | bevans@finacta.co.za
Tel | +27 (0) 82 449 5106
Address | V8 Masters Association, Killarney International Raceway, 6 Potsdam Rd, Table View, Cape Town, 7439