Race With Us

The V8 Masters series is made up of two driver categories, Gold and Silver.

Gold drivers are the experienced guys who have invariably been racing for many years and in various motorsport series. However, the Silver class is made up of mainly novice drivers, who have limited track experience, or in most cases, are completely new to motorsport and wish to peruse a lifelong, but perhaps previously unaffordable dream of racing.

The V8 Masters welcomes both types of drivers (over 40 years old) and regularly hold open days to encourage new and experienced drivers alike to join and race in the V8 Masters series.

Ultimately the V8 Masters provides the best ‘bang for buck’ of any race series in South Africa, The cars are incredibly fast, look fantastic and don’t cost the earth to run compares to similar race series.

If you would like to enquire about our next open day or car sales, please contact our club chairman Brain Evans on 0824495106