The Championship

Points are awarded for participating in qualifying, Race 1 and Race 2, and the actual number of points awarded is dependent on the number of drivers that start in each of those aspects. For example, if 20 cars participate, then points are allocated from 20 down to 1 with the winner and the holder of the fastest lap receiving a bonus point.

However, at the end of the season each driver’s worst qualifying score and two worst race scores will be dropped (except for any exclusion), which traditionally helps maintain tension throughout the year.

The Driver of the Day award

A new award has been added to the V8 Masters Series. Keith Andrews Car Parts is providing a Driver of the Day trophy for the rest of the season. The trophy will be presented to the driver who at each meeting best exhibited the spirit of V8 Masters Series racing, which is to promote equal and affordable fun racing. It is therefore not necessarily a race position-related award.